Welcome to the Club P7056 Membership page

We need your support to further fund the build of a museum-quality replica of this special aircraft.

We offer two membership options – annual or life.

Annual Membership

Annual membership costs £25.

The annual membership brings the benefit of a copy of the memoirs of Rev. George Wood – a WW2 fighter veteran who flew Whirlwinds and Typhoons during the war.

George’s memoirs are not widely available so this is a unique gift. Please click below to see a short account of George’s early war exploits.

We also include a high-quality member’s badge and a membership card.

Quarterly newsletters will be sent.

Life Membership

Life membership costs £250.


As well as the benefits of the Annual Membership this tier of membership brings the undertaking from the project that their name and a short inscription/dedication to be added onto the underside one of the undercarriage doors of the replica when it nears completion.

Special Membership Gifts

Further note – we offer special, surprise gifts if anyone purchases membership numbers 116, 137 or 263.

These numbers are significant!

The total number of Whirlwinds built

The first squadron to fly the Whirlwind operationally; Dec 1940 to Nov 1943.

The second squadron to fly the Whirlwind operationally; Sept 1941 to June 1943.

Member's Benefits

We plan to offer Members such benefits as ‘behind the scenes’ access to the replica build at Airframe Assemblies, and member’s trips to see remaining parts of Whirlwinds at museums such as at Hawkinge and Manston.

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