Odd Ode

             The following poem was passed to me by Rob Bowater and was taken from a post on the Flypast Forum by WZ862.

I have had the privilege of access to the papers of the late Warrant Officer Frank Waldron, who was shot down on October 31 1942 while on a low level raid over Europe in his Whirlwind. He forced landed and was captured.
I came across the following poem written in his YMCA Geneva issued Prisoner of War diary and I thought it appropriate to add to the historical record.

Greta 1
Her name was Greta, she was one of the best
But then came the night when I gave her the test
I looked at her with joy and delight
For she was mine for the whole of the night
She looked so pretty, so sweet and so slim
The night was dark and the lights were dim
I was so delighted my heart missed a beat
For that night I knew I was in for a treat
I saw her stripped, I saw her bare
I felt all around her, I felt everywhere
We started off, she screamed with joy
For this was her first night with a boy
I got her high as quick as I could
I handled her well the response was good
I turned her over, and then on her side
Then on her back all ways I tried
It was a great thrill. She was the best in the land
That twin engined Whirlwind of Fighter Command

It’s the first time I have ever seem a poem about the Whirlwind, unless others know more. Just in case you were wondering, Greta was also his wife of only a few weeks when Frank was shot down. 

From the archive of Frank Waldron

Frank in the cockpit of Whirlwind “Greta”

Many thanks to WZ862 whoever you are.